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Dehydration and Cancer
Dehydration and Cancer Lecture (DVD)
Cancer Control Society Lecture 2002 - 30 Minute Lecture
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Detailed Description

This lecture will teach you how to protect yourself from asthma, allergies and hypertension; plus, how to gain immediate relief from morning sickness, heartburn and back pain. It explains how migraine headaches, rheumatoid joint pain or fibromyalgia pain, and indeed, all the major pains of the body denote dehydration where you feel pain and, together, they denote ongoing complications leading to more serious diseases. You will understand the roll of pH in wellness and discover the keys to fighting obesity, Alzheimer's, MS and CANCER, exhaustion, depression or cravings. Learn why, and what you can do to help yourself.

This information-loaded video will teach you in detail how dehydration causes cancer: It reveals, for the first time in the history of medicine, how proper hydration CURED breast cancer, prostate cancer and even lymphoma. Discover why a glass of water you take for granted is full of health miracles that will give you vibrant health and joyful, sickness-free long life.

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