The Healing Power of Water

The missing natural element from the body that prevents and helps to cure painful degenerative diseases.


"I also noticed that my girlfriend started drinking it as religiously as I have and she hasn't had any headaches and she used to have them all the time. And her energy level is up. She said it is unbelievable what it has done for her. And my mother used to have horrible sinus headaches and she doesn't have these anymore." - Nathaniel Clevenger

If you've ever suffered from migraine headaches, you know how incapacitating they can be. But just as frustrating is not knowing what causes them to happen and when the next agonizing attack is going to occur.

Doctors will tell you there is no cure. Instead, they prescribe painkillers, vasoconstricters, and nausea medications to help you cope with the symptoms. Sometimes even calcium channel blockers are used as a "preventative" - yet one of their many side effects is, of all things, a headache.

Why would anyone want to increase their suffering by taking medications riddled with side effects that worsen the very problem they are trying to correct? Instead, you must address the root cause of migraine headaches. Migraines are a sign that your peripheral vessels are excessively dilated, due to factors like heat stress, hangover, and allergic or dietary triggers, all of which are made worse by dehydration. Drinking sufficient water promotes the closing of your vascular system throughout your body, alleviating your pain and preventing future attacks.

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