UCD: A New Medical Discovery

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It Could Even Cure Someone Who Was Literally Dying of Pain

It was again past 11:00 p.m. I was on my way to a sick inmate when I heard a piercing groan from one of the cells at the end of the corridor. I followed the sound and found a young man curled up on the floor of his cell. He seemed to be totally detached, giving out deep, piercing groans.

"What is wrong?" I asked. He did not react. I had to shake him several times before he could reply.

"My... ulcer... is killing me."

"What have you done for the pain?" I asked. He told me: "Since one o'clock... when it started... I have taken three Tagamets... and one full bottle of antacid. But... not only has the pain not stopped... it has got worse since then." (At that time, prisoners were able to get medications from the prison hospital.)

By now, I had a much clearer understanding of peptic ulcer pain. What I did not realize until then was the severity it could reach when not even strong medications could stop it.

After examining his abdomen for possible complications, I gave him two glasses of tap water. Just over one pint.

I left him to visit another sick inmate. Ten minutes later I returned.

Groans of pain no longer filled the corridor.

"How do you feel?" I asked.

"Much better," he replied. "But I still have some pain."

I gave him a third glass of water.

And his pain stopped completely within four minutes.

This man had been semi-conscious, on the verge of death. He had taken a huge amount of ulcer medication -- with no result. And now, after drinking only 3 glasses of tap water, he became pain-free, sitting up and socializing with his friends. What a humbling discovery! And I thought I had received the best medical education in the world!

During the years of my captivity, I cured over 3,000 ulcer cases with only water in the Evin Prison -- "my God-given stress laboratory."

All thanks to water. Plain, simple, cost-free medicine for everyone. Water that we all take for granted! Water that the medical profession has dismissed as unworthy of research!

Since my eyes were opened to water as a natural medication, I have seen it heal and alleviate hundreds of traditionally incurable sicknesses and chronic pains.

I have seen water completely reverse conditions such as: Asthma. Angina. Hypertension. Migraine headaches. Arthritis pain. Back pain. Colitis pain and chronic constipation. Heartburn and hiatal hernia. Depression. Chronic fatigue syndrome. High cholesterol. Morning sickness. Overweight problems. Even heart problems needing bypass surgery.

All these disease conditions responded simply and permanently to water. Ordinary water. Any water you feel comfortable to drink. Clean tap water is as good as any.

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