UCD: A New Medical Discovery

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You Are in Possession of Exclusive Life-Saving Information

What you have read so far is exclusive information. The Natural Miracle Cure Program (CDs) you are being offered as the next step in the process of your empowerment is the most important health package you could ever find. It is what all sick people have been praying for.

One simple element -- water -- can make so much difference in the life of a person -- one member of our society. Multiply this outcome by the number of people in this country and you will see how easily we can reverse the health care crisis of America. We can reduce the annual health care costs by no less than 60 percent, and have a truly healthy society.

As I said, it has taken me 18 years of full-time research -- on top of my medical education and many years of clinical experience -- to make the curing miracles of water available to people. I have left no stone unturned to develop my research - even when it meant I had to stay in prison longer than officially sentenced.

When I was finally declared innocent of the charges that had been leveled at me -- and offered earlier release from Evin Prison -- I asked to remain incarcerated for a while longer to complete my research -- it actually took me 4 months longer! I was in the middle of serious research that I needed to complete at any cost. Evin was the greatest "human stress laboratory" any serious research scientist could find. Life in prison was still very risky. There was no law or order. Any guard could do what he wanted, even cause someone to be shot on whim. But I had to stay longer and complete my research.

The prison officials could not believe their ears, but they agreed. By then the whole prison community was confounded by my work. The officials began to acclaim the work as theirs, and praised prison as an environment for "scientific research."

By the time I left prison -- after 2 years and 7 months -- I had gathered enough clinical data to begin changing the way medicine is practiced -- to make it into a truly science-based, people-friendly healing art.

My message was simple. "It Is Chronic Dehydration That Painfully and Prematurely Kills."

I left all my possessions and my country in the middle of the night in the fall of 1982. I escaped over its borders into Turkey. In November 1982, I reached America, and continued the scientific aspects of my research.

I was eager to share my findings with medical researchers here. I naively thought that what I had discovered would be considered important by leaders of medical research in America.

Alas, neither the American Medical Association, nor the National Institutes of Health would have anything to do with this medical breakthrough!

Even though I have presented my clinical findings and their scientific explanations at international and world conferences, and published them in serious medical journals, these institutions have refused to acknowledge them. They refuse to study the medicinal effects of water in place of the drugs they routinely push their members or followers to use.

They cannot admit to the American people they have made a bad mistake and that drugs are not the best treatment or cure for many diseases. They cannot admit that this blunder has cost society trillions of dollars. They cannot face the public and say: "Sorry, we have now discovered that, in most health problems, you are not sick -- you are only thirsty for water!" I now see that my mission can not be completed until I find a way to reach individuals in our society directly-- hence this medical report being sent to you today.

By now you must be aware that this unique medical breakthrough can alter your life forever. If you value your health the way you should, you need more information than I have been able to give here. Should you wish to know more than I can cover in this report, I recommend that you get my health education program that has been specially prepared for the lay public.

Learn more about the health benefits of water. Take advantage of this offer. I have packaged my information in a way most people can understand and use. All it takes is the will to learn the way your body talks to you -- an entirely new language. Understanding how your body makes its needs for water known is vitally important to your health and well-being.

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