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Relieve, Even Cure, Multiple Sclerosis

On page 70 of my book, you will read the testimony of a person with MS who was cured with water. In tape #4 of the audio program -- Water: Rx For A Healthier Pain-Free Life that accompanies the book, you will listen to the letter of another person whose one eye, blinded by MS, regained its sight. Both these and other MS patients recovered after they followed the recommendations in My Natural Miracle Cure Program (CDs) .

In My Natural Miracle Cure Program (CDs) you will discover:

Imagine, at the very end of the 20th Century, my colleagues in medical practice do not yet understand the consequences of persistent dehydration, and yet they take charge of the sick in the "sick-care" system! We have until now relied on the drug industry’s research to show us new treatment modalities, and the medical schools have towed the line!

This is why I am fighting the system by talking directly to you, and millions like you, by sending you this medical report! From here on, the ball is in your court. Play it well, and free yourself from the self-serving ways of commercial medicine. It angers me when people -- who only need water to be cured of their health problems -- are talked into long-term use of expensive medications (up to $10-$15 a pill) and unnecessary treatment procedures such as: Acupuncture! Manipulations! Surgery! Fad diets! High doses of vitamins! Psychotherapy! Hypnosis! Massage!

My mission today is to help as many people as humanly possible alleviate their pain and disease. To accomplish this, I have distilled my 18 years of research into the most comprehensive book on water available anywhere. Additionally, I’ve just completed a 10-hour audio series that picks up where the book ends. If you or a loved one suffer disease or pain, or are simply fed up with fancy double talk from those within the medical establishment, I urge you to order your own copy of My Natural Miracle Cure Program. Included in the program is:

1- The book, Your Body's Many Cries for Water -- second edition -- hard cover, exclusive to this program. Since its debut, the book has been printed 21 times. It has been translated into a number of languages. Here is what some eminent professionals are saying about it:

"Dr. Batman’s books are full of common sense and truthful medical advice. His suggested treatment of disease goes to the roots, the cause of it, and anyone who is fortunate enough to read them won’t be disappointed with their purchase."

--Dr. Laurence A. Malone
Dean for Academic Affairs
Learning Center For College Sciences, Ohio

"I was particularly stunned by Dr. Batmanghelidj’s lucid description of how lack of water is the primary cause of hypertension."

--Julian Whitaker, M.D.
Health and Healing Newsletter

"Dr. B's book hits the nail on the head. Period."

--Dr. Arthur Moll.

"Thanks to Dr. Batmanghelidj. I put your book next to the Bible and read them both."

--Dick Gregory.

"One man's solution to rising health costs."

--Paul Harvey
ABC Radio News and national syndicated columnist

"As an Internist/Cardiologist, I find Dr. Batman’s research incisive, trenchant and fundamental. This work is a Godsend for all."

--Dan C. Roehm, M.D., F.A.C.P.

"I consider your insights some of the most amazing I have encountered in medicine."

--L.B. Works, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

2- Audiotape seminar: Water: Rx for a Healthier Pain-Free Life. The information in this 10-hour course is unique, and newly presented. Although it complements the book, the course is not a tape of the book. My message in these products is: "You are not sick. You are thirsty. Don’t treat thirst with medications."

Read how water has helped these people:

Physician Cures Her Child!
"...My 8-year-old has suffered with severe allergy symptoms related to allergic rhinitis and asthma... Within 2-3 days he showed dramatic improvement... he is more alert, and his school grades have improved... I want to emphasize how effective this treatment has been."

--Cheryl Brown-Christopher, M.D., Maryland

Multiple Sclerosis Under Control!
"I am a person with MS... I have been using your program for four weeks. I can confidently say I am thrilled with the results. Truly your discovery has given me back a portion of my life."

--John Kuna, Pennsylvania

Eyesight Restored!
"About a month ago my boyfriend lost his sight because he has MS... He has gained his sight back (20/40) by using your suggestion of water, carrot juice, vitamin E and vitamin B. The doctor at the NE Eye Institute could not believe his eyesight came back."

--Karen Simone, Pennsylvania

No More Drugs!
No more heartburn, back feels great, fantastic. No more drugs." Harry Finn, North Carolina Multiple Benefits of Water!

"The benefits I have received are beyond words... Shoulder, back and neck pain that my doctors said I would suffer the rest of my life are completely gone. I have lost weight. My skin has a rich glow and is extremely toned."

--Rosetta Fluke, Washington

Lose Weight Without Trying!
"I easily took off 15 pounds without trying. I eat whatever I want... I can honestly say that you have made losing weight an easy thing to do. I know of two brothers, one lost over 100 pounds and the other lost 30."

--Bob Butts, Pennsylvania

Medical Doctor Cures His Own Asthma!
"Due to the information you have provided I have been able to ameliorate and cure my own asthma... Also, I have been able to advise other patients with respiratory and allergen problems. Thank you for giving me and others the breath of life through something so simple..."

--Jose A. Rivera, M.D., Pennsylvania

Pain and Disease Gone!
"No more indigestion, colon problems, food allergies, chronic and acute back problems, emotional or mental confusion. At the age of 51 I had all of the above, and now at the age of 52, I am in excellent health!"

--Bill Gray, Virginia

Sexual Prowess Regained!
"I have noticed at least one change in my physiology. My ability to get and hold an erection has vastly improved. I am 57."

--Name Withheld, Kansas MI

Do not be surprised by the number of conditions water can prevent, treat and cure.

Rise above the basic medical ignorance that has classified so many "states of dehydration" as different diseases.

You must give your body what it needs: not what makes you sicker than before.

My Natural Miracle Cure Program will empower you to respond to your body's different "cries" the right way. You will:

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